Friday, April 4, 2008

do wah diddy

When I was little my movie was not Princess bride, or Gone with the wind. No those came much later. My movie, was My Girl. I loved that movie, I cryed every time Thomas died, no matter how many times I saw it. I was the bookworm nerdy girl who loved poetry and was a bit odd. I could relate to Vada, and I loved the linen top with the blue smocking she wore when Shelly taught her to wear makeup. I wanted one so bad. I never got that top....But Now I found one, I'm too old to wear it properly of course, so I got it for Girly. And since she has a hatred of jeans I got her some nice denim blue bike shorts to wear with it. She hasn't seen the movie yet. I don't think she's old enough to handle Thomas' death, she would be much too inconsoleable, trust me, she cries for the crickets the tarantula eats. But she will eventually. But we won't see My girl 2, that was just yuk, nowhere near as good as the first.Soo she's going to be realy cute. I was going to get a linen dress with great embrodery for the summer, but when I tried it on it looked just horrible. the Elastic "waist band" was UNDER the ass part. not CUPPING, not ABOVE where you would THINK a waistline should be. no. Even when I stretched it to see what it would look like if I bought it anyway and disected the elastic out(hey it was a great colour) it just looked crap. Fortunatly I tried them on before I bought it in various sizes just to be sure. I went from small to large, still it looked like I had an underwire bra for my butt. WHO would wear this? A few inches lower would have made a nice mermaid thing, and a few inches Up and It would look, well, Normal. Oh well shorts for now, until I find something better. Oh also I'm making a knitten bikini with boy shorts this week. I'm goimg to embroider some tiny red poppies on it to make sure the nipplage doesn't show through the seams. I hope it is as great as It is in my head. Will show pictures once the results come in. So far I've only got one and a quarter cup(s) done, and the i-cord is kicking my butt.
In random fact news, Champ the dog is gloating over his new treasure he found on our walk. what is this priceless artifact? some kid's apple he left on the sidewalk near the bus stop. Poor little Jimmy won't get snack today:(( Champ isn't so much eating it as licking the peel.Probably enjoying the kid smell/taste. He's kinda obsessed with little kids. He thinks they're all his and he is thiers, and they will be licked. I don't know if he will actually eat it, he's more fond of pears. He carried it home in his mouth "roorooroo"ing at everyone he saw to show it off. Oh yes He is proud of his find.

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