Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kitten pictures

Aww aren't they cute. they all seem to have some sort of tortie markings, though Thing One is mostly blue and white, thing two is mainly white wih blue cow spots and a few licks of caramel, number three( name pending, though I rather like Gertrude Mc fuzz, keeping with the Dr. suess theme) is completely undeniably tortie and white.

Momma Puss is doing just fine. Thing two had a bit of a rough time with coming out of the sac and expelling fluid, We ended up having to help out and rub him up a bit. We though we might have to with Gertie too, but Puss finally came around to the job. CHamp is loving the Kittens, Puss surprisingly enjoys everyone being in there with her even him, she lets him lick the kittens, and lay around"guarding her". If I don't go in there she comes looking for me and calling me to come back.

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calicokitty6 said...

Oh! I love new kitties. My DH and I rescued and kept most of the litter a couple of years ago. We thought they were tigers and found out they are Maine Coone. Three boys now all over 20 pounds and a girl about 12 pounds.

Have fun watching them grow and get into things.