Sunday, April 20, 2008

5 days

Wow I can't belive I haven't blogged in FIVE days! O course this coincides with PG being home with his back. I have gotten alot of knitting done though. I made a pair of short socks for Girly with strict orders of NO heels and NO toe seam. They look like something my Mum would use for her prosthetic leg. Only with fancy boucle cuffs. She loves them though. I bought some more cotton to dye for A few projects, mostly more socks for her and possibly a tank for me. I'm almost through with the bikini from hell. I have 10 rounds left on the leg. and then I may not like the length and add a few more. AND I am a 60 R by 80 sts. away from my poncho. I am considering casting on for the WISP shawl I saw on after that with some nice alpaca/mohair stuff in my Auntie stash. Or I may finish the Aran by the sea socks I discarded for the summer project list. I am just FILLED with possibilities at this point.

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