Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Dear Leli Kelli,
How do I put this nicely... You kinda suck. the sugary sweet commercials with the preppy uppper east side kids. You insinuate that my Kid is not cool becasue she does not have your glitter spackeled K.E.D.S. knock offs. And brazenly say the way to be "Cool" Is to have them. Then, when I finally get sick of hearing the sad pleas, and cheesy commercials, I watch for a web addres, or something of the sort. And you have NOTHING. Npt a phone number, email, jack diddly. So in effect adn retort I now will make my own sparkle shoes for my kid. the same way I madew mine when I was small. Good old Elmers glitter glue, And a pair of durable yet cheap K.E.D.S. Maybe someday when you get a ticket on the clue train, and a proper website or retial chian, I may stop in.. Just to see what a better job I did. have a great day sucking. -SG

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