Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Beachy

It must be a beach week. Carolyn went to Jekell And I'm taking Girly to the Fernidina beach tomorrow. It's soo nice out down here it is hard to not want to be near the water. I don't know for sure if we're going to be IN the water or not as Carolyn says it's terribly cold still. Maybe just toes. Plus I kinda have a fear of Girly and water. Mainly because she has a tendency to try to down in the current. At 6 months old I took her out in her floaty baby trolley off the shores of Jekell's main beach. the waves were tame, the water was warm. all of a sudden out of nowhere a gaint of a wave swooshed over Girly knocking her into the undertow. She thought it was a riot. I very nearly passed out screaming from panic. PG just calmly dove down, grabbed a leg and yanked her up. Repaet this 4 years later with arm floaties(we didn't go back to the beach before then, we stayed in nice safe pools with clear water) that the wave from hades swept OFF her arms. When they say NOT a life saving device they really mean it. I am seriously contemplating In Icord saftey cord for my leg to her kinda surf board style to prevent this from happening this year. I myself did not learn to swim until I was 10 years old. There's no real need for swimming in the midwestern Ghetto. I mean really WHO drowns in a sprinkler? Anything bigger than and often times even the kiddie pools were stolen so no one I knew had a big pool. the time I did spend in the south was filled with floaties in 4 ft maximum pools and sticking to the tideline. So yeah I have no real lifesaving capabilities when it comes to water, unless of course you become a floater. I do have AED and CPR training. It's nice to have family in EMS servicies to teach you handy stuff like that.
I have the beach bag prepared already so we can just get up and go. I included extra camera batteries so I can get some good pictures. Adn mapQuest so I don't get lost like last time and wind up in a shipyard. Though the locals are Royally nice about giving the wayward traveler directions. Just don't look at them in your rear view, they WILL be laughing at you. My favortie spot on the beach it right by an Italian restaruant. They have live music playing and the widows are open so if you sit in the right area you get A nice serenade, and Oh the lovely smells of basil and garlic coming off the kitchen. It's a great beachgoing experince. So look for pictures some time tomorrow. If I'm feeling adveturous I may wonder around to find old cottages and things. I will be bringing my sock Ala Harlot so expect sock traveling pictures as well.

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