Sunday, April 13, 2008

From the beach

The beach was lovely, we got there about 730 Am. It was still a bit too cool for swimming in the ocean part, but there was a nice stream before a sandbar, before the tide that had reasonably warm water. I had the brilliant Idea to park my stuff on the sandbar sandwiched in between said current and the ocean proper...It was lovely until about 1030 when the tide started coming in and almost swept everything away. Fortunately my stash and camera were in my waterproof bag. I'm sure the other early beach goers got a kick out of seeing a screeching banshee woman scrambling for her three bags and blanket" My yarn ! my yarn!" Girly didn't get swept under This time, which was a bonus. Though she did venture a bit father than I'd like down the shore and I momentarily lost her. I bought her some goggles and she was scuba-ing in the current And so I couldn't see her. Plus there were NO bathrooms. At 745 no one is open. Fortunately where we stopped there was an FD(Fire dept.) And there's not a fireman I know who would turn away a little kid. So thank you to the Probie who let us in. WE also went to the beach shop around 11oo when It opened. I took a picture of the owner,Isn't she pretty!
but I chickened out on asking her to do a knitting picture. I'm not quite as ballsy as SmcP But I did take a picture of my seaside sock with a seagull who was rather fond of my boiled eggs.
The object of getting there so early was A: to get there before all the good spots were taken. However all the "good spots were further down the shore...near the bathrooms. And B: getting some good seashells before the tide swept them out. Which failed as there were NOT any to be had. So we got alot of abalone and some broken pieces for a wind chime, and whatever abstract project GIrly had in mind when she got these Which were carefully picked with schoolmaster like scrutiny.
And we saw the beautiful car of my dreams As we were leaving: the Saturn Sky. I am so jealous of Bossy. Getting to ride around in one of these for her road trip. It gets the BEST gas mileage for a sports car. I've also heard rumours there is a hybrid model. That would be a GREAT Mothers day present.

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Carolyn said...

My son almost lost his shoes on St. Simons the same way as you almost lost your yarn, so I identify!
I'm glad you had a great beachy day, regardless.