Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Skinny Bitch

Just who, I would like to know, has a 20 inch waist?! Maybe it was the yarn, maybe it wasn't, seeing as they used a cotton yarn themselves. My Gosh, I had to frog the whole bikini bottom. The. Whole. Thing. I got to the part where the leg attaches to the OTHER leg, and thought' I should hold this up to me and see how well it will fit.' Even with the add on of the drawstring waist, it MAY fit Girly. I was a bit worried when I saw the teen sporting it in the pattern, but I'm not a really big person myself. But even with my daily jog there's no way my 34 inch butt is going to fit in this thing. And there is no way I am dieting to get into it. I like my "lady lumps" I work hard to keep my butt in a nice moderate size. 20 inches went out the window about the time Girly came out that window down below. Not to mention the fact that everytime I have been on a dieted regemine before I lost ALOT of boobage, and I DONT have much to spare. Now I have to make a whole new one from scratch. I think I'll do it in the round to make it a bit easier. Crud

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