Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have finished the bikini form hell, and the poncho. the poncho tends to want to be square instead of diamond shaped, but It is perfectly long. I had to seam in some linen to the inside of the bikini so I don't flash the other beachgoers, but that is OK. I'm now onto a pair of socks for kiddo. I hope they wear well, they're wool, but I'm doing them on 2.5 mm so yeah the yarn is teensy, which worries me because Girly is VERY hard on a pair of socks. The cotton ones seem to be holding up to her wear alright. Every day they look like they've melted but I hand wash them and they pop right back. I am leery of using my new Good sock yarn on her though. They say it can withstand Hiking boots, but I wonder if they tested it on an ADD child with a cup of sugar in them. THEN I would not be so scared to use it.
Physics Guy is seeing his doctor today about his back. His meds aren't working as well as they should. We've been discussing the possibility of medical retirement since it's pretty bad and can only get worse. There are Guys at work with LESS severe injuries who are already getting out on it so it's not really IS he that bad off, but IS he ready to admit it.Which is very difficult for him to do. He's a very proud Guy, and he's one of those who Needs to work and be busy to be happy. Plus the idea of milling about the house and being given menial tasks by me doesn't sound like much fun :D And we wait, I don't know what his Doc will say, and that is the most difficult thing for me. Not knowing eats at me. I am somewhat of a control freak and I NEED to know what, where and how. I can't plan for what I don't know, and that really stresses me out. I hope that in the next 10 years the great minds can think of some way to fix him, but honestly it's a tossup. All the plans we made to see the shores of Ireland, and the midwestern town where I'm from, the beauty of the mountains, and the lights of New York, may well never come to light. But I can't give up the hope that it might happen, who knows. keep dreaming, and maybe one day it will be possible.

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