Tuesday, April 1, 2008

After Party

Bus rides are scary. I have only ridden on/in(?) a school bus one other time. I was about Girly's age. I don't recall much, but I definitely DON"T remember the bumpy spine jarring off the railroad tracks, or almost falling out of the seat (quite a few times) like I did today. Girly didn't budge. Must be an acquired thing. Horton was good. I fell asleep a few times in the middle, but I got the begining, the gist of the middle and the whole end. My sugar was high, my caffeine was low, yes I fell asleep like an old person at the movies. And a note to any future parents: DO NOT buy popcorn unless you are willing to share with an intire class. There is nothing worse than 15 kindergardeners begging for "poppy". Fortunatly I was saved by a more experinced mom who DID buy enough for the whole class and had the forethought to bring individual cups. now if you'll excuse me I need a pot of joe. BADLY

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