Thursday, April 3, 2008


Often people think that with marriage comes a "happily ever after" filled with snuggles, prosperity and endless joys. These people are usually single.
When you get married, there are the happy dilightful parts. Like someone to warm you on a cold night, to share joys and tears. Watching a scary movie together under a hand knit afghan(had to slip in the knitting)
The Least wanted to think about is the fact that with the happily also comes the miserably ever afters. The key is to work through the miserably and wait patiently for the happily to come around again. the smashed through tube of toothpaste, the Picky etaers, and the stinky disagreements. Sometimes even illness. Some days I can't stand my husband. Any married woman can tell you the same( and the husbands too I'm sure). BUt unless you're married to a really rotten guy there's no reason to let a few irritations ruin an otherwise good thing.Little girls see the happily ever afters in movies and stories every day, and Nievly think that THE GUY will be a perfect agreeable man clone. Not gonna happen. Alot of marragies get messed up over sweating the small stuff. Sure we like to gripe about the stinky socks in the floor, and the mystirious inability to wash a load of laundry, but We all are irritating to some level. I for example like to kick my husband in my sleep, and sometimes forget to wash his pants:D which sucks. But we also like to hang out and watch old movies, and talk about world news and sciency stuff. We order Pizza and have mudfights in the yard. Not allways, but enough to remember them during the crap days when the laundry is loafing on the couch and he's forgotten to put away his dishes and I want to throw a kettle at him for being a pain. marriage is a job, like it or not. Things don't always fit like puzzle peices, sometimes we have to cut off parts and hammer them in to make things fit right. The efforts we put into it make the results much more valuable.

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