Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Women in Advertising

Are women exploited by men in advertising? Or are WE exploiting ourselves. Think about it. The women in ads for things like body spray, burgers, and lingerie are being PAID, and willing participants in the adverts. They are not being forced into it. They made the choice to sell with their bodies. Is that exploitation? That is not to say some of these ads are not blatantly vile, or anti woman, some are, as I have previously stated, but explotive? no not when the persons in them are doing so of their own volition. I can understand the anger at allowing women to starve themselves to bone thin extremes for fashion, that IS stupid, but exploitive? No . These women have brains the same as you and I. They CHOOSE to not use them. If every super skinny model stood up and said "screw off, we will NOT model until realistic measures for body image are given"The Industry would cease until they got a ticket on the reality train. They haven't yet, simply because MODELS are allowing it. The women who are making the CHOICE to be stupid skinny sticks. Just as in the suffrage movement, women went on strike, burned their bras and such, so should they perhaps today in this if they are as outraged as they say. But they aren't.
Because some Women are into it and want to be like that,not using the sense they have to realise some of these girls it's just a genetic lottery, and the rest are snorting coke and chucking their brownies.
While other women are all caught up in the drama factor, the oh the man is after us boohoo nonsense. You are the only one who allows yourself to be used in such a manner. But back to adverts and exploitation. Dove and Axe, two legs of the same body, but we women LOOOVe dove, because they tell us they love us. We hate Axe because they show T&A, and lusty lonely women leaping melons and tofu for some guy they smell five isles away.(there is fact, that shit stinks to high..well somewhere, I can literally sniff my husband out in a market if he uses that stuff, and not in a good way, cuz once I find him I have to run away or pass out) And say they are teaching men to only look for and expect hott sexy skinny women. WE should be the ones to teach our brothers and sons what a woman is. Instead of copping out and blaming the media for teaching them what we lack to. If we show that there are two sides to the same coin. The intelligent and the beautiful. That beauty is unique to the individual. We wouldn't have to worry about it, and the companies would find a new way to advertise. Women choose in stead to say it's the man fault, but its' not. This is not a slave country any more, no one forced these women into skimp suits and gave them boobies or death options. No, that's not sexism, that's just women making unintelligent choices. Men are not as stupid as some like to think. They KNOW all women aren't silver screen airbrushed goddesses, but if we are going to try and make like one, they won't complain about it. They're Zen like that. WE are the ones starving ourselves, WE are the ones getting botox, and fake tits, to say MEN are forcing it... well I call bullshit. If you give a kid nothing but candy all day, they won' complain. It's not the kid's fault, YOU gave it to them. If you teach a child good balanced eating habits they will in turn accept and enjoy those as well, and in turn be all the better for it. Much the same is it with men. Now of course we can't go out and make every one change for the better, Man or Woman... Not every one WANTS to. The thing you can do is teach your children and the people around you better, and hope the ass holes and disillusioned don't breed and die off soon...And you know they will, what with the paltry amounts they eat and the booze their male counterparts consume:P But to say men are exploiting us is just as insulting to women as a whole, as the "go Iron my shirt bitch" comments. We ALL DO have brains, some just choose to market their tits instead. And yes some guys like that, let them have the bleach blonde size 00, and get married, you know they won't have kids and ruin her "perfect " figure so there's no risk to society. Let evolution take its course and breed out the stupid. If you don't think it'll work...taken a look at a do-do bird lately?

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