Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Fur

So here I am today looking at sock yarn porn.
I'm also doing Guinea Pig laundry, but that is not so much fun to talk about. I saw a custom job this lady did in tiffany blue and chocolate for a Ravelry chick. Positively drool worthy. Blue and brown are my yum colours. I want to get a lot of sock yarn. A LOT. But then again I also want to get a sheep to make my own, so take that for what it's worth. My cape in in slow progress right now, I am at the cruciale point where I could make or break my goal by putting too much yarn into one area and not having enough for the rest. Champ likes the lambs pride so I know there will be the inevitable "extra blend" into the yarn, from his loving it when Mummy is not looking. Sometimes I walk in from a trip or from putting out the trash to find him curled up in the floor with yarn woven between and around his paws. I have yet to catch him in the act of unskeining the yarn, All I know is that somehow he does it. I'm waiting for the day I come home and see he has grown opposable thumbs and is knitting a doggie scarf in the floor. And the way my carpet looks I am heavily debating making my own Cavy/Feline blend of yarn. I could really make a profit. It would feel somewhat like a nice angora/mohair, And would felt beautifully. Trust me, I've seen the hairballs.

WOOHOO!! I took a break to steam , and the mail lady came. I am sooo happy when I have the mail lady and not the man. HE sucks. He comes at 4ish maybe if he feels like it. And he only delivers bills. He really sucks. The mail lady however, always comes promptly at 1 pm, if it's raining, or bad weather 1 30. And SHE always brings the good stuff.I fnally got my package from my MUM in Austrailia. It's for both Girly's and My birthday, we've got St. Patty in between our birthdays. She's sent it twice now. Girly got an adorable poodle purse and some Ozzie kidsmeal toys. ANd Mum , the dear sent me a faux snakeskin purse, a newsboy cap, in black, and a matching black tee with pink lettering. that screams in bold caps :

Thanks Mum:)

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