Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Exactly is This Patrick guy?

And why does he like us to get boozy and sing ballads of Ireland?
Well actually he doesn't. He's not even Irish. Nope. Really no one knows where the heck he's from. There's a plethora of guesses, but the closest one to Ireland Fair is Scotland. He was a slave in Ireland, and went to Rome and other such places. Then he decided to go convert those "horrid druids" in Ireland. I.E. God called him to save the Irish. Basically led a bunch of soldiers into Ireland preaching to them,and killed the ones who didn't convert. (the soldeirs not him personally) Basicaly pissing alot of people off. He seems to from his history to be a nice enough guy for the most part, albeit misguided and uneducated. And we all know what happens when those things come into play eh George? It looks to me like alot of the history on this subject has been lost and glossed by the CC, so we really don't know alot about St. Patty other than the myths and legends. The whole shamrock thing is pertaining to Pat trying to convert the "heathenous irish" but they were to simple to grasp the concept(more likely they didn't give an R.A.and so played dumb, And being half irish not to mention married to a full blooded one, I can say with certainty we like to pull the stupid card to get outta stuff ...alot) so he used the shamrock as an example of the xain trinity, so they could understand. Then the whiskey soaked minds sopped it up. Wearing green or getting pinched? well this one Actually pertains to Ireland. Ireland is called the Emerald Isle, so of course, we wear green to remember Ireland, and you get a pinch to not forget your roots. There you have it, old St.P is not irish, and the only thing the guy has to do with Ireland is having a part in the bloody hostile takeover of a peaceful country. And if you've ever read irish history and tales, you know how vile that turned out. AS it usually does with the rape and looting and torture, you know all those Good moral values. So I guess we get liquored up to forget all the shit him and his buddies did. That a good enough reason for me. I can't help but see that durn near all the holidays are of a religious nature, catholic predominatly. Shit. If I actualy was a more bitchy person I'd only celebrate Presidents day, Mlk day, and new years, and maybe thanksgiving, since at that time the Native americans and the forigners were friends, and the whole religious freedom thing, thankfull for being alive etc.. Fortunatly, I realize every freaking thing and holiday is so shit stuffed and comercialized, I could celebrate damn near anything I want, and I'm not going against my lack of religion and being hypocritical. Almost everything was stolen, poached or filled of B.S. from the start anyway. I'm not an angry Athiest, like the stereotype goes, maybe once I get older I may get more pissy, but now a reason to party and scream loudly at strangers that you're Irish is Ok with me.
I see Alot of atheists who don't celebrate anything at all because of some religious connotations attached. I disagree. Why limit yourself and the things you choose to do because of someone elses beliefs? That, my friends is just the same as having a religion and letting it dictate for you. If you like to decorate, and like presents(or beer) and you want to celebrate and throw a party for your own reason then do it. If you're Irish( or not) and you love the culture and country, Celebrate it. BAsically my eternal motto: Be YOU, Be happy, be real. No need to give yourself a head enema about it.
I do reccomend being knowledgeable about the whos and whats of things. If nothing else for the education factor. One can never have too much knowledge, or as Yarn harlot says: too much yarn. DO with your knowledge what you will. It's your life, and the only one you get. BE wise in your choices....and have a pint!

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