Tuesday, March 11, 2008

in da hood

Im half way through my stash of lambs pride, and I 'm thinking that I definitly DON"T have enough to do the intire Cape in it. I may only do the back in fuschia, and the sides in Black Wool Ease. Since that's what the Diamonds are. And it's considerably less expensive than the 7.50(cheapest) a 150YD skein for the lambs pride if I don't have enough of it. OR go halvsies on the sides in black and fuschia and NOT do the lenght I want. Call it a draw and make a nice acrylic long cape in a different colourway later. I know I want to do another one anyhow in of course blue and purple, or green and brown... but they are my typical "safe" colours. No lie, the majority of my closet is some form of black, brown and/or green. What am I wearing right now? Green socks, black pants, and a green top. In my BROWN chair. I could be a tree. really. I really wouldn't bat an eye if I was wearin brown/black underpants, I just (a) can't remember what I put on this morning. and (b) don't care to look and tell.
Also in the design bag is a caplet/tank for Girly with of course a hood. I haven't cast on yet with it,It isn't even in my Ravelry yet. I have a sock and the cape to do so I really don't want to overload. Yet agian for the 5 th time I think, I have frogged the entrelac sock, I just can't get it right in the round, there is some secret I'm not getting. Probably because I won't break down and order the durn mag, I just play with the thing, get pissed and rip it out. I'm quite sure there are other FREE patters for entrelac in the round, I just haven't google'd them yet. Im too preoccupied with what I've got in my head, on my needles, and scurrying around my house after the dishes and laundry.
I did a bit of yard work today and found four more baby privacy shrubs. I replanted one behind my pear tree, so maybe I can get a bit more privacy...And my nieghbours can too. Give it about 4 years and I can be wild and free in my back yard and no one will know...Except of course You all. I can't decide if I want to re plant the others out of thier pot in a row or give them away. I hate to trim them, the two I have that are fully grown look like they came out of a hippie's armpit right now. I will give it to them, they are Quite resileint. The left one has been struck by lightning at least three times that I know of. My basil and mint are still alive, and I have some weird stuff growing in there with it that looks like asparagus?! I am wondering if it is the avacado plant I forgot about. I don't want to touch it because if I do everything in the pot WILL die. I know, this has happened to me before. I will just ride it out and see when it gets a bit bigger. if it's an Avacado tree I will do a happy dance and get it a boyfriend. If it's asparagus... I will still wonder WTH? I did not plant asparagus. We shall see. I will take thier picture tomorrow and maybe some one will know what it is.

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