Monday, March 3, 2008

Recipie of the Month

I'm really stuck on the recipie for the month, hot today, cold tomorrow, what would make a good all weather recipie? cheesy macaroni cassarole
one 16 oz box of your favorite mac'n' cheese, boiled to al-dente,
one T. of butter stirred in to melt, with salt and pepper
1/2 cup grated cheddar jack
2 T cream cheese
one can of tuna in water(drained)
one can (16 oz) of sweet peas
cheese nips(crushed)
mix all stuffs save the 'Nips
Pour in a greased with olive oil(or butter) dish, in the oven at 350^ until the cheese on top is a bit crispy, top with a light sprinkling of ...Yes MORE CHEESE, I hope you've had your newspaper fiber today.
Now sprinkle the 'nips an return to over for roughly 8-10 min. I'd go for the 8 in a gas oven(to be safe and not burn the cheese).all in all about 55 minutes to an hr, with the boiling time. You can eat it hot or toss it in the fridge for later. If it's hot later add some mayo/miracle whip, and have a cold macaroni salad. If you don't enjoy tuna you can allways go to the trouble of baking and dicing up some chicken for an omit.
I sometimes do the chicken one, when I am sharing with others... but I grew up on the tuna one, and prefected it over the yrs. My mom was never a fan of cream cheese.

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