Monday, March 10, 2008

6 Years ago Today

I had my Baby girl. 7 LBs. 14 oz. No one thought I could do it au natural, but I did. I didn't have the exact birth scenario I wanted. People were coming in and out like Denny's morning rush. I had my mother there, which I did NOT want, And my baby brother turned green as soon as he hit the room. But none the less, it was the most powerful, and beautiful day I've ever had. Happy Birthday Girly

And for your knitting enjoyment, My Hooded Cape in progress. I was going to make a bolerro that is not A bolerro, But instead I am making something I have been dreaming of making since well Forever. I have the design down, I just have to Get'r' done as they say here in the South. This one for sure, will never be a UFO. I forbid it!
Oh yeah,... ANd my Durn cat is preggers. Beh
Want a kitten? They're free, and garonteed to be fabulously beautiful just like thier mummy.

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