Saturday, March 8, 2008

Windy day

It's Super windy here, Our power has gone out all morning long, off and on, Finally it's back up. I found out the entrelac sock patern is in an old IK mag so I can't get it off the net:(( that is unless I order it. So I must improvise somehow. Until then I am thinking up a diamond pattern for a short button down sweater. Kinda like a bollero but longer. It's normally so hot here a true sweater would be impractical this late in the season. However we still have days like today where the cold winds cut like a knife on my back. I need to wait on Physics Guy to get to a working printer to get my graph paper printed out to set the pattern, since mine is more than likely broken since he TOSSED it on the back porch last week when he was cleaning, and forgot it to the rain... Men! It was a bit wonky anyhow, it only printed when it was in the mood to, and dried ink out like a sumbitch. Hey I'm not going to complain much I mean I did get it off freecycle. I'm also thinking about casting on an Baby blue Angora tank for Girly with a lacey collar, and straps in a white crochet thread. I can visualize it, But haven't CO yet. With my back and forth sinus battle I can't concentrate long enough to put the stitches together on my needles. Right now everything is in the planning and sketching stage. My hands are itching for a project, But I think for now I'll just take my time and check out other peoples work, and do the things I need to do around the house. I don't after all want my needle work to become WORK, I want it to stay my happy place.

blogger shut off on me and I lost the rest of my post. Hopefuly I can get it recovered. I'll edit this one if they do.

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