Friday, March 7, 2008

Ribbed with Snark...for No Ones Pleasure

I am generally a Quiet atheist, content to mind my own path, and shake my head at the rest. Generally. Then someone comes along, and ruins my day And I must object. My only wish was that it were ANY other day than today when I am fighting squeaky can't breathe voice. But NOOOO, I let Girly be in the school play, KNOWING I disagreed with a line in the song she would be singing. ONE LINE. I let it pass, I discussed it in private with her, and let I go to the play today and the WHOLE bloddy thing was laced with snark, and religious attacks. freaking FIVE YEAR OLD BABIES!?! Here's a quote from the mouth of a babe" This country was founded on one nation UNDER GOD(emphasised in the speech) and THAT"S (also emphasised)the way it should be. This was not said just once, but MANY TIMES over and OVER in the 30 minute play. So I voiced my displaesure to the principal( who was incidentally behind me the INTIRE time I squeaked and clenched through out the play)who redirected to the music teacher, who I also voiced my displeasure though I also complemented the adorable kids because heck they were absolutely ADORABLE), who THEN in turn redirected me to the teacher. All In all I had to tell 3 different people the level of snark in the play, and the undergod and THAT'S how it is, and a few other quotes, was frankly just rude, and also undermining my efforts as an Atheist parent. The response?" They're little, most of it was just*woosh * over their" and " it was a pre-written play we bought"
SO freaking buttons. I don't CARE if it was over their heads, I did not send my child to a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN academy, I sent her to A PUBLIC school. There is SO much more to this country than religious rhetoric. Freedom, wisdom, diversity,triumph against oppression, open a history book! I expressed my hope that in the future the other plays would not be as religious minded, and exclusive, and left before the hands took on a mind of their own and smacked someone for their casual dismissal. I do not begrudge anyone their faith, but when It comes to the schooling of my child, or anyone Else's, they should be more damn considerate of ALL views and think , "well hey there might be Muslims, or Buddhist's or (yes even us) atheists in the crowd of parents and children, let's think about how there are MANY peoples in this country" And not marginalize and take away from the many truly great things the peoples did to make this country great by saying things like"with out miracles, and the bible, this country would never be here" BULL freaking Shiat. Men and Women,soldiers and sons, daughters and wives, People fought, worked, bleed and died, for this country to get where it is today, and are STILL dying. Go tell a soldier who came home with lost limbs, or a veteran who can't sleep at night for his nightmares, than their contribution doesn't matter, that it was all god, and THAT's why they aren't dead, go tell a mother who has lost her only son in war, than his life was God's will, and that not but her son nor the thousands like him, but BY GOD we're still safe in our beds at night. They were all but forgotten in the school today until it came time for them to come and retrieve the flags from their stands. As I saw those three men marching forward I almost cried, to think all they have done, and battled, just THOSE THREE men, and a government school gives discount to that, for to a God that one or even all of them may not believe in. It really breaks my heart.

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