Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working on the Yard

I don't know what happened to my unfortunate bag of sugar as is traveled it's way to my kitchen. somewhere between here and the factory it must have gotten doused whith ( I can only hope) alot of water. I just about need a sifter cement pounder to break it up. Normally I would have noticed these things and avoided the bag 'o funk, but really in a 9am no-coffee-in my-system sugar run, shit happens. After a smell test, precautionary lick test complete with flashes from "Steve don't eat it" and a dog check (hey if he licks it its OK to eat) I am fairly sure it's just had a run in with water.
I have researched my caladiums and found that I don't get to plant them until May, which sucks because of course by may I won't know where the bag went to and I will more than likely have calads running wild in my heating closet. I do have alot more of Girly's pansy seeds I may plant in the meantime in the area for them so It doesn't look so terribly bare. I'm sure my neighbours will appreiciate that my yard doesn't so much look like a hippy armpit any more. Every one else here keeps their yards impeccable in the winter months. I however like to let it rest. My laziness has resulted in the sweetest black dirt in the back yard, but not somuch in the front. but hey It's got growth now at least. when I moved here 4 1/2 yrs ago there was nothing but mud and sand. 4 years of not rakeing the leaves, and chucking pears for the dog finally paid off.
after a bout of raking some branches up that fell out of the paer tree and some I whacked off the bushes of mystery I figured I'd take a nice break and listen to some music. It would have been nice. If PG hadn't misplaced my flipper switch. Over the winter I complained that I kept getting shocked every time I got out of the car.I guess I thought he'd FIX it. Instead He found that the amp wire was arching off the door and that was what kept zapping me. His answer was to ripp the durn flipper out, thereby keeping it from arcing off the door, but also keeping ME from cranking the tunes to deafiningly loud levels. Now I have my wired up sub, and no flipper to turn it on with. poop.
SO now instead I am killing time until the crafters get-together @ 2pm at the library. I should be going to a baby shower that I made booties for. But PG is barfy and I don't want to be too far from him incase he needs something. And unless there is yarn, coffee, or some other shiny important thing I don't drive farther than 20 minutes away alone. I get REALLY bored, and start to nod off. I have tried K-while driving twice on these sort of trips out of desparation to keep moving. tip: loop your hands through the steering wheel and put the yarn around the back so as not to get tangled up and so you can still steer. Naturally you can't CABLE or make anything fancy or you defeat the purpose of NOT killing anyone. If you can do it with out looking, it'l work. Wait why am I telling this? really don't knit and drive. it's not safe. which Is why I don't do it anymore. But I Have tried it, for the learning experince. One should always try new things. It inhances the mind right?

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