Monday, March 3, 2008

Deliciousness, and Cat brain

I love a good ball of yarn. My Auntie(adopted by marriage) from Boston does too. Lucky gal has a woolco. and everything. She came up from Orlando on her way home and called me to let me know she was bringing a bit of yarn fo a care package. She too is a lover of needlework; a hooker herself for many years. She has accumulated much yarn over the years, and even is lucky enough to have had a friend in the yarn shoppe business who gave her the hook up on alot of high end yarns. So SUV brimming over she met us uptown to visit her Sweetie pie(Girly), and drop off the "bit of yarn" for me. She tried to drop off more but PG drew the line here: Holy woolens batman! I haven't even gone through it all yet. I'm saving it to play with at Sally's later with the Ladies. But there is some SERIOUS yarn happening in there. Some of this stuff has seen more travel than I have. All I can say is: I love you Auntie Carmen

In other less yarny news, My cat STILL hasn't shown up home. It's been two weeks since she made off. She's about 16-17 yrs old, and has minimal eyesight and some kidney problems. I'm thinking she snick off to do her final kitty business. Which really sucks as I could at least know for sure if she were home and did it. She' rarely runs off, and for no more than a week on walkabout. I had taken to just giving her free roam of the yard when ever she wanted it, since she didn't ever leave the yard and small wooded area beside it. And she Allways comes in for the night to sleep on my head. Now Puss (Girly's cat) has taken over bedtime head warming/nightmare inducing duties. I don't really know What it is about cats, but when they sleep on my head I with out fail have some of the most Horrid nightmares. Last night's was the most dreaded : teeth-falling-out-nightmare in which my teeth for no apparent reason all fall out. This dream is worse for me than the half finished-bridge of death and zombies-pretending-to-be-Hubby dreams combined, I have only two really bad fears: careening off a bridge while driving, and my freakin TEETH falling OUT. Though practically speaking it wouldn't be so bad. No more flossing and having to take aspirin after because the pain of that evil little string permeates to my BRAIN, ANd if I need a whitening I can just pop the ol dentures in some bleach water. :P But seriously I think that's the most aweful icky nightmare ever. I think what it is it the cat heat warms my brain up too much and sorta cooks it like a fever. You see these cats don't jut sleep on the pilow by my head, they WRAP themselves tummy closest around my head so I get all the purry, hair flying,warmness of a cat hat.
I'm hoping Miss Kitty is just on an extended walk about, and not the long walk from which you do not return. I'd like to have a few more years with her, weeing on the bath mat aside, She's a pretty kick ass cat. You'd have to be to attack mastiffs and other large breeds the way she does. This cat can (and has) make Staffies tuck tail and run. (pit bulls to the average joe)
I'm hoping that she's going to surprise me an pop up in a coupla days hungry and a bit less tubb to resume her head warming. lets just hope.

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