Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Physics Guy crashed the vid. card last night playing Splinter Cell. I never realized just how much of a difference this hd monitor made until the card went out. everything looks weird and strechy. And flat. It's kinda like life. the whole you don't know what you've got thing. I never knew what a real tight knit family was like. The sharing, the openness, the calls every few days, just to say hi and make sure everyone was in good health. The first couple of years with my husbands family were foreign to me. I didn't understand why these pepolpe called "all the time for no reason" now I miss it when they don't call for a few days. I am very close with his mum. Closer than with my own, I feel like anything I am going through I can share with her. My own family doesn't call very much, even the ones in the states. I never knew that a knock down drag out fight doesn't mean ending contact forever with that person as it typically does with my family. I still find it strange that if you need something a family member will help you get it. be it a night off from the kids, or help with a morgage payment. Family is SUPPOSED to be close, like a part of your heart not living with your body. People who know birthdays, heartaches and are there to share them with you. I am very grateful for my new family, if it were'nt for them, I don't think I could cope with the one I was born to.

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