Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stripping and Sneezing

Girly's room Is complete, I stripped the gooey globs off the door, baseboards, and .. okay well NOT the popcorned celing, belive me I tried. I do not like poopcorn celings, I hate them in fact. I understand thier necessity, but damn, those Harley Davidson safety glasses Physics Guy got from Grainger(free!!!) sure came in handy. My eyeballs were caked in the stuff three days ago when I put up the painters tape. I am truly thankful hubby works in such a magical place where vendor day is like mardi gras( only with out the boobies). I got the most kick ass pen from his vendor stash for my pattern writing, it's shaped like a wish bone in a pretty silver color.
But try as I might glasses and all, all I got was a bunch of unpopcorned celing. So I left the rest of the bingo dobber looking spats up there. they're not going anywhere. If need be I'll get some white paint and spatter over them. Also If you can't tell I am feeling better today, cayenne coffee and wasabi tea are my cure for the pain caused by my lovely southern enviroment. still a little winded and the bed room moving has knocked me half out, but I will be ready to rock tonight for my Tangeled Skein ladies. I had hoped to have a few more swatches done in fair isle and broomstick lace(crochet) to show off but at least I have the entrelac swatch done. Which Is alot considering my eyes were about swolen shut from the pine pollen coating they got. I am going to try for the broomstick today, see how far I get with it tomorrow with pictures.

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