Monday, June 16, 2008

Work sucks

I have not been on here to blog in a couple of weeks, I am a bad bad blogger:( But When the hubby is home I can get NOTHING done. I mainly sit on ravelry or clean. that is it. I am still working on the cobweb lace stole, which is taking quite a long time for me. I expect as much from a lace project, but man I am usually on top of these things. I am also working on a pair of socks for Physics guy, since I haven't made him anything substantial ( the boobie pillow doesn't count). and He really needs a pair of quality socks. I quit the aran lobster sock for now, I am not in the mood for cotton. I think my garden hates me, All I am growing are tomatoes and paltry raspberry leaves. everyone else has withered to crap. I am going to add some more cow poo in the fall and go for some more torture then. Southeast Georgia is not the place for gardening in the summer heat. Not for me anyway. Well that is all the excitement for now. Maybe I'll have something good tomorrow. I'll try harder.

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