Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quilted china doll Socks

I Finally finished my new pattern And man It was fun. THe only thing I would do differently is made them a half diamond longer ( I still have a bunch of yarn left). And elongated the stitching all the way up and not just on the feet. Which I did because i realized the scrunched look on the first one, but I didn't want to frog it back up so Instead I made the other to match. Now I like the scrunching, but other people may not like it so much. I've also made a few dishclothes for my kitchen, I'm debating colouring the white parts yellow, but I'm not really sure. I want one day to have my kitchen in a burgundy and buttercup yellow colouration. It's not going to happen any time soon, and dishclothes don't have a long lifespan here, so I may just live with the peppermint as they are. I even made one round Like a real peppermint candy, Cuz that's how I roll.
Girly and I are going to the lake tomorrow fo a bit of relaxation. Frankly I need it. PG has been home for the past 2 weeks with his back. The cortisteriod injection has NOT helped, The physical therapy HAS NOT helped, really just made it worse. He's trying to avoid THE TALK about retirement. Not that I blame him, I mean who wants to retire at 23 years old? But as a person who loves him and sees him trying to kill himself getting up to go to work then colapsing pale on the couch after two hrs of working through the pain. I think It's time. I hate it for him, but i also want to (selfishly I admit) have a few years with him before it gets really bad. I allways hope of course that technology will grow and find a way to help bring the pain level down or out completely. So does every person with or close to a person with illness. I know the doctors are going hard at finding cures, Most of them know more about my family than even My Real family does. We're there so much, I've seen the nurses swell with pregnancy, have they're babies, and now those babies are walking. they're like an extended family to me now. I think I should knit them something, come to think of it...

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Hey girl,
i have no clue how I got to your site. But cool! Hope you are having a good summer! Tiffany