Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have something to blog about at last. My summers are usually dull so I Don't really care to bore any lurking readers with mundane nonsense. But today I finished PG's ribbed man socks, and I'm STILL working on the stole that I started Before the socks. Sometimes I don't think it wants to get finished, really, I have stitches hiding under stitches, And erratia I (fortunatly) found on ravelry that isn't posted on the site. I would like to buy some yarnage from a few new online sources like Knitivity's store, but I am on a yarn diet until I reduce some of my stash and at least get a couple of wraps done.
I also Finally have a lawnmower * joy of Joys* and I don't have to spend near as long mowing the grass and therefore have more time to plant and prune. I bought some various daisies from Lowe's to put in place of the bell peppers that never grew. and I have three tomatoes , not really red OR big yet but still tomatoes. organic gardening is SOO incredibly hard. Those damn beetles are eating the leaves off my Toms and greens. The squirrels and doggo have eaten half of my raspberry vinlings And a caladium bulb.I'm hoping Squirrel on that last one at least.
In 'electronic news: My camera has NO batteries And is being rather wonky about the rechargeable ones, hence no pictures of said destruction and projects. Kiddo smashed her DVD player the DAY before I went and bought 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' so I've had to endure it at least 3 times a day in here in the living room.Physics Guy doesn't seem to mind all that much As I have gotten him hooked on Populous(Cd Rom) again, SO He's trying to figure it out. When he's on the computer the force is impenetrable. Which is a triumph for me, at last a game that I am good at that he is not besides backgammon!
And the funny: The best most hilarious thing to do is buy a bag of chicken feet from the meat store( who eats this shit really, I want to know) and place three on kitchen floor around kittens. Pouncing and hilarity will ensue.
Especially when one doggo decides he wants to try and TAKE the kittens chicken feet. Not a good idea. Kittens do have very sharp claws despite their fuzzy cute exterior.

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