Sunday, June 1, 2008

I said I would blog

Like three days ago I thought I would blog, but as it turns out I was more busy being sick. I'm still working on my socks since I hadn't felt up to it over the weekend. Einstein is up and walking now, becoming more and more catlike and less of my snugly pseudo baby.

I have days when I wish I could have another child, and enjoy a pregnancy full of belly pats, coos and "Oh! when are you due?". I didn't get that the first time around. I got more of the scowls, and looks like I had the whore plague. Even though I was with the father, and graduated high school early, being 15 and pregnant was not a happy, whimsical time. Really, I watched Juno and Wished my pregnancy had gone so well. So Yeah I wish I could have another go round to get the praise I earned for being a damn good mother thus far. On the other hand I see my one child as wonderful as she is, is a freaking hand full. Driving to school, homework, lessons outside of school, feeding and maintenance,= lots time and $$. With Physics Guy's disability I am even less inclined, as One never knows when he'll be up and about work, or down and out asking for cheezburger at 12 at night. we're even talking about the possibility of his retiring in the next 2-5 yrs. He's 23 yrs old. I know with housework, yard work, parenting of the one and only I already have, and the enormous amount of energy that goes into everything else on my plate my Brain probably couldn't take any more. Yet I still feel the need of the lovely survival instinct at least one week of every month. I wish I knew how to squelch it before I turn into the crazy catlady. some one help me.

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