Saturday, August 16, 2008

drowning in 12ft of stupid

When did people become so incredibly dumb? We're now restricted to wading in the lake because 5 people have drown in the past 5 months. One of which was an 8 yr old child. I can't help but wonder where his parents were. Why were'nt they watching him. Especially if they knew he couldn't swim. My Girly is 6, she knows she can't swim, has no desire to go into water she can't walk in. Even if she did, I am right there to either help, or tell her no. What a concept. It is terrible that this boy has died, I am very sad for his parents. But when do people start taking personal responsibility for their actions instead of us having to bubble wrap the world for them? People are trying to restrict foods allowed in the workplace, Have succeeded in locking them out of most schools, what happens when They go to the market? gas masks and bio suits? When I lived up north there were SIGNS that said : "Do NOT lick the poles". People had to be TOLD not to lick poles. People forget their kids are on top of their car in the seat. forget them in the market, FORGET THEIR KIDS!?! When I first had Girly I was terribly scared that one day I too would forget her, like I'd heard of so many times. Never once have I forgotten her, only once have I even forgotten to buckle her in the car, and she did it herself(3 yrs). How do you forget you have a kid? or where you have placed it? I mean I guess I could see if you had like 8 or 9 of them and you didn't pick one up from school, cheer camp or something until well after pick up time. That's a lot of kids to keep up with. But on the 1 to 4 level? You can count them on one hand. DO not drink on the side of my shampoo? Why? I can't help but wonder if the dumbing down of people is some sort of sheep control thing. 'Make then stupid so they don't question anything we say.' sort of thing. but I'm not a conspiracy nutter, so I hope maybe it's just a freakish natural development of lazy that we will some day overcome. Hopefully.

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